What is Yoga

Yoga is a journey, an explorative journey where we learn who we are and how we function, we learn about others, our environment, our purpose and a bigger picture. We learn philosophy and find a deeper connection with the self, with others and with life as a whole. We begin to awaken the mind and body, to become conscious to our experience of life and we do this by learning to be present. Through this practice we gain a stillness, a calmness and a clarity in the mind. We gain strength and confidence in ourselves, in our bodies and in our convictions and we gain a feeling of peace, happiness and kindness in our hearts.

Everything we do can become yoga if it is done with awareness. Awareness is the key to discovering all the mysteries of who we truly are.

The benefits of yoga are so numerous from physical to mental and spiritual. Yoga increases your flexibility; builds strength, improves your posture, keeps your joints healthy; reduces stress; lowers blood pressure; improves mental health; helps you to make healthier life choices; improves breathing and encourages your body’s natural healing process to name a mere few. But I will leave it up to you to find out how yoga can benefit you.

“Kas… Its very hard for me to articulate my gratitude and the huge impact yoga has had on my rehab. I absolutely love your Friday class and am so thankful for the difference you’ve made to mine and to so many other peoples lives!” – Bill Rackham

“I loved the yoga in the park with Kas, a great teacher and yoga in the outdoors is wonderful.” – Jane Broughton

“Your yoga is beautiful and I admire how strong and flexible you are”

“You have something special and have a lot to offer others”