I am not currently teaching yoga at Waihi Beach. I can advise others locally who may be able to assist.

Throughout my 20s I developed a yearning to take up yoga. The time finally came that I was able to attend my first class and upon leaving that class, I left with a heavy book that I just could not put down. I was in love. Yoga was what my body, spirit and mind had been searching for.

I continued to immerse myself in my own practice for many years. I love to try new styles of yoga, learn from new teachers and most of all, learn from myself.

With this yearning to know more and to share this gift with others i completed my first yoga teacher training in 2016. Since then I have been continuing to follow my passion alongside raising my two children.

My mission is to help everyone who comes to my class feel energised, calm, healthy and happy. Simple things that have slipped away from so many but that are accessible to all.

I incorporate different styles of asana practice (physical postures) in my sessions having had experience with a wide variety of yoga teachers. While it is a mainly asana practice focusing on fundamentals and taking time to feel the subtleties in each pose, I also love to incorporate some of the deeper yoga practices and guide students to integrate these practices into their everyday lives. Practices that can help alleviate stress, find balance and calm, happiness and give your life a deeper sense of purpose.

“Healthy body, clear mind, blissful heart”

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“Kas is such a beautiful soul – and simply VERY good at what she does.”