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Come immerse yourself in the world of fungi for a day and learn how to grow your own native mushrooms at a home scale with local mushroom farmer Billy Mushroom from Mārama’s Mushrooms and fellow mushroom farmer Lennart Prinz from Prinz Mushrooms.


With 20 years experience between them Billy and Lennart will take you through the basics of growing mushrooms (Native oyster mushrooms, NZ Shiitake and King Stropharia) on a few different growing mediums. The best part being every thing you learn and do on the day you will either take home or be able to apply when you take it home with materials given on the workshop. As well as learning how to grow mushrooms you will also get an insight into the importance of fungi in our natural ecosystems and how they okay a fundamental role in a healthy planet. This is an empowering course that will give you the basic skills to start growing mushrooms at home no matter your living situation.



Cost: $180 for one person or $300 for 2 people


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