My husband Nic and I have always been lovers of nature. We love to explore and engage with it. We love to observe it and appreciate it. It is something we are both passionate about. When we are together we will often be spotting birds, walking through the bush or mucking in outdoors.

We both accept and are very aware that we have such a limited time here on this earth and that our lives are made full by the experiences we create, interactions we have and relationships we build with others. We believe that our purpose is to experience this gift of life. Since we met more than 10 years ago, we have maintained our drive to fill our cup with experiences at every chance we get. Looking for new ways to do life well at every turn.

Having children gave us a new perspective and gave us a new sense of fulfilment. It did not stop us from experiencing life. Our children are our priority and we endeavoured to spend as much time as possible enjoying them and watching them grow. In 2016 we sold up everything we owned, bought a caravan which became our home and set off on yet another adventure with our 1 and 3 year old daughters. We travelled New Zealand, freedom camping our way around North and South for 18months. This trip taught us so many things. Our days were filled with our children, each other, exploring nature and learning how to live a very simple life. It taught us how little we needed to be truly happy and the type of lifestyle we wanted our children to be nurtured by during their most important developmental years. It was these lessons that we continue to hold onto and that have lead us in our journey establishing The Nest.

At the Nest, we are working towards setting up a home, a playground, a learning space, which is sustainable, provides our basic needs and one which we can share with others, to help them find the happiness that simplicity can bring. This can be experienced through our Nature Holiday programmes for children; our Nature School days, Yoga for adults and children and events and workshops which we host. We are so happy to be able to share The Nest with all of you and we hope it helps you in some way to find peace, perspective or happiness in your life.

The Nest is a purpose built space amongst the trees to grow, develop and spread your wings. A safe sanctuary in nature. A home. A place to build confidence, strength, health, learn new things, be vulnerable, be bold, be creative, be challenged, to relax, to take a breath from life. A place to learn about who you are and your purpose. A place to be yourself. To shine your light. A place to be nurtured.

We are so excited to share our home with you and we ask that your respect the space, others in it and the whenua we are so blessed to enjoy and learn from.

“Kas is amazing and this space is so tranquil. Highly reccomended for anyone, any age looking to unwind and reconnect with nature through yoga practice.” — Lucy Hockley



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