A stormy night seems a good occasion to sit and ponder some things. With the wind absolutely howling outside (wild West Coast at it’s best), I’m left sitting here considering what it is we are actually doing…

After a 12 day break from life as I’ve known it for the past 2 and a half years, I have definitely returned a little more pensive. Not to say 12 days at a yoga teacher training in Byron Bay is the only thing that will do that. It’s in my destiny and in my nature to question the meaning of life and always be searching for answers and questioning why; but 12 days of intensive eating, living and breathing yoga will definitely add to that.

I am not here to just sit and paint rosy pictures of the dream that we are living. Van life is pretty damn good. The main part of that is because I am surrounded by my favourite people day in and day out. But for the nuts and bolts stuff, we still have two kids under 2 and a half, so the reality is, life still goes on, I still spend most of the day in the kitchen and cleaning, and there are still errands to constantly be run.

Given we are freedom camping, for now, this entails moving locations every 2/3 days. This works ok as generally, 3 days would be the maximum amount of time we could go before we need to empty our sewage (black water) tank, empty our general (grey water) tank, and refill our fresh water tank.

Also, by this stage, we would need a laundromat. Even doing hand washing when I can, this still needs to be done given the weather. Hand rinsing just doesn’t quite have the same effect as a spin cycle so the clothes tend to take quite a bit longer to dry out.

Alongside this, we would need a supermarket without fail every 3 days. Having only a small amount of space means we can’t stock pile food. And with both girls still having a bottle. We tend to churn through milk. Excuse the pun.

So these day to day activities certainly don’t cease to exist now because we have chosen this “dreamy” nomadic lifestyle for the year.

However, all of these tasks are infinitely better given laundry means hanging out with the family watching the clothes go round or family trips to the supermarket with all hands on deck. All these tasks that when I was home with the kids and Nic was at work, were a lot more hard work and took a lot more juggling, now have become enjoyable and just a part of our day.

I do every now and again still drift off and think, where are we going, why are we doing this and what the hell are we doing after this??!!!! I’m just glad I am asking these questions now and that they didn’t hold us back in fear before we purchased Big Mac. I know for a fact, once summer rolls around it will all become clear as to why we are doing this, but when staring down the barrel of winter and when your house shakes in the wind and you’re sitting there hoping it’s not going to blow over, I think it’s only natural to think, hmmmm that house I saw for sale with it’s lush orchard, fire, and beach backdrop certainly looks a picture.