Prior to finding our piece of paradise here in Waihi Beach, my family and I spent 18 months freedom camping our way around New Zealand exploring all our amazing country has to offer. The decision to sell up everything we owned and hit the road and live a simple life I must say was actually made pretty quickly. We had very little plans but just to do it and see how it went. We had no time frame, no direction and no expectations. My youngest daughter had just turned 1 and my eldest was 2 ½.

It was such a special time in our lives, a time for so much introspection and learning. A time of deep family connection and nature connection. During this time spent in Covoid isolation now I have found myself drawn back to that experience with so many lessons and similarities to that time spent in small confined spaces with little social interaction and quite excluded from society as a whole.

I kept a blog during our nomadic travels and looked through these entries the other night. I am wanting to share these stories as I feel they are so relevant and run so many parallels to what we have been going through now. It also subtly highlights some of the amazing things our own country has to offer. It’s unique places and what makes some communities special. It highlights how travel through our own country can look and be experienced. With domestic travel being our main getaway for the next wee while, it excites me that more and more people will be discovering our own back yard. Discovering New Zealand means getting out in nature which is some of the best medicine.

I hope you enjoy reading these as I loved journaling them. Maybe something will resonate with you or may help bring your focus to what is important. The idea behind this journey was to live a simple life and enjoy the freedom that comes with it. Many challenges came up through this process as you will read. I will pop a new one up each day. Here is the very first blog I wrote almost 4 years ago called “The Most Important Currency”.