Why are we doing this?

We only have this time before our kids start school to really spend time with them and watch them grow. I am so conscious of the time we have with them and how it passes and how it is used. It is always on my mind. I have been fascinated by time since a very young age. Once they start school, we will only have the mornings of trying to get out of the door in time and then the evenings of dinner, bed, bath and books. The whole day they are with others. This is our opportunity to be with them all day (Unless of course we decide to home school which is still a possibility). Children offer so much, and to actually be able to sit back and watch them play and learn and grow is the most invaluable gift that Nic and I are receiving this year.

Watching our children play today makes my heart burst. I was shown today how much children learn with nature as their back yard. We walked over to the island out from Whangamata (Hauturu or Clark Island) at low tide. We just stayed and explored our surroundings. I actually felt like we had arrived on a deserted island, just the 4 of us and we were learning about our environment and what it offered us. We were on a deserted island but had been hooked up with a perfect little shelter (Big Mac, our caravan and home for the next who knows how long). Big Mac offered the basics in everything we could possibly need. New Zealand is the island we have landed and will be exploring for the next year on and I cannot wait to explore this with my three favourite people.

The kids show us so much. Rio was learning about the texture of rocks, crabs and how to walk in different surroundings. Frankie was just on another level and it was amazing to see inside her magical world. Watching the two of them unfold. I am just so happy that Nic gets to be there with me to see it too. it’s so special to be able to share these moments with someone else.

Our kids don’t have many treats like chocolate and lollies. Even ice cream would be once a month if that. As a result, these tiny simple things we take for granted completely light up their world. Living a simple life means living with basic necessities. Though we never ever feel we go without. We are extremely blessed.

After our family outing to the island, we came home, had dins and then walked to get an ice cream. At the end of this day, a Tuesday which would normally be a standard work week day, Frankie went up to Nic with this totally euphoric look on her face and just cuddled him. Frankie doesn’t cuddle all that much. Her cuddles are meaningful and this cuddle said it all. She basically just had a heavenly day. All it was, was passing time together and learning with them. Things we normally fit in around everything else we are now doing every single day of the year.

This is what I feel we are gaining the most out of this year. Time. Time with our kids and time with each other. The most invaluable currency of life.